When deciding how to design a home gym, there are many important considerations. First you’ll need to determine how much space you can allot for this purpose. This sizing will dictate what fitness equipment you may fit into the workout space. Do you wish to have a more natural setting, or should you set the space up for entertainment, while working out? Motivation is the key to maintaining good fitness health and only you know the activities that will best motivate you.

Within your home gym, you will want to leave room for many types of fitness equipment. You’ll decide how much space you can afford to dedicate to this purpose and select the equipment that matches your unique, workout style. One thing to remember in this process is the importance of floor space. This space can be used for yoga or pilates workouts as well as stretching and relaxation exercises. In fact, it’s possible to complete thorough and effective workouts using only floor exercises like the Navy Seals Workout or other well known callisthenic routines.

You’ll also want to consider including dumbbells in your gym. These are very versatile and allow a full body workout in a small amount of space. A jump rope will provide a great cardio workout without the expense of training equipment. If you’ve got a bigger budget then you’ve got the luxury of determining whether you want to include strength training equipment or cardio fitness equipment; like treadmills, stair steppers, or ellipticals. Perhaps you can get the best of it all for your personal workout space.

If you’re looking for entertainment during your workouts, then you’ll want to install a LCD Display or TV. You can use this to watch programs and movies or connect a Wii to have fun with Wii Fit or EA Sports with virtual imagery to enhance to your physical workouts. You may position a screen wherever it makes sense. If you plan to jog on a treadmill while watching shows, than simply place a screen on the wall, with a DVD hookup, in front of the necessary fitness equipment for easy entertainment.

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